Friday 1985-05-03
Opera in 4 acts by Georges Bizet
Text: Henri Meilhac & Ludovic Halevy
Translation: Per E. Fosser

. 19.30 -  ca. 22.45

Guerilla-Carmen. Carmen in Latin America with Carmen and the Bandits as guerilla soldiers. Norwegian guest-stars, Anne Gjevang who really was a international star at that point, Kåre Bjørkøy success abroad and at home.

But frankly, does Carmen need up-dating. No. But the production was not bad...
1985-05-03 Carmen (Bizet), Den Norske Opera (Oslo)

Carmen = Anne Gjevang
Don Jose = Kåre Bjørkøy
Escamillo = Terje Stensvold
Remendado = Arild Eriksen
Dancairo = Tor Fagerland
Zuniga = Carsten H. Stabell
Morales = Yngvar Krogh
Micaela = Toril Carlsen
Frasquita = Inger Lise Walseth
Mercedes = Vessa Hanssen

Per Åke Andersson, conductor

Regie - Frank Corsaro
Scenography - Franco Colavecchia
Choreography - Inger Lise Eid
Costume design - Michaele Hite
Light design - Torkel Blomkvist
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