I sat in the last row of the Concert hall with the wall at my back. Jose Carreras was as small as a thumb to my eyes. He sang songs by Domenico Scarlatti, Alessandro Stradella, Giuseppe Verdi, Alberto Ginastera and Giacomo Puccini. 2 extra numbers Granada and something else. (Photo from the poster of this concert). A baroque aria recital.

Newspapers (Aftenposten)
Dato: 1990-01-25 Utgave: Morgen
"Carreras til Oslo i april"

Dato: 1990-02-15 Utgave: Morgen
"Friskmeldt romatiker"

Dato: 1990-04-09 Utgave: Morgen
"Carreras i Norden"

Dato: 1990-04-20 Utgave: Morgen
"Stjernemøte med Carreras"

Dato: 1990-04-20 Utgave: Aften
"Sky superstjerne i bifallsbrus"

Dato: 1990-04-21 Utgave: Morgen
"Carreras ga seg selv"

1990-04-19 Recital Jose Carreras, Oslo Konserthus

Josep Carreras, tenor
Lorenzo Bavaj, piano
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