During a holiday in St. Johann in Tirol (Austria), after Vipiteno and shopping, we came to Innsbruck to our way back to St. Johann. I noticed some posters with Jose Carreras face on. With my camera I took a snapshot, and thought that would be it. Later on I saw more big posters, with the name of the venue, and decided to get a program or something, so I went to Komgresshaus Innsbruck, I asked also if there were any tickets left. AND IT WAS. 1000 Austrian Schilling, that I didn't have, rushed back to my parents, and then I got a ticket, and I had to take the train to St. Johann. Wonderful seat, wonderful concert. SOMETIMES one gets LUCKY!!!

July 3/1992
Kongresshaus Innsbruck
Jose Carreras, tenor
Lorenzo Bavaj, piano
ALESSANDRO SCARLATT                    Già il sole dal Gange
(1660 Palermo - 1725 Neapel)         (Schon die Sonne am Ganges)

TOMMASO GIORDANI                      Caro mio ben
(um 1730 Neapel - 1806 Dublin)        (Mein geliebtes Gut)

ALESSANDRO STRADELLA                  Pietà, Signore
(1642 Modena - 1682 Genua)           (Erbarmen, Herr)

GIOACCHINO ROSSINI                    Valse lugubre (Piano solo)
(1792 Pesaro -
1868 Passy bei Paris)

SIR FRANCESCO PAOLO TOSTI             Apri (Offne ...
(1846 Ortona - 1916 Rom)               Vorrei morire (Ich mdchte sterben)                                                        L'ultima canzone (Das letzte Lied)
ASTOR PIAZZOLLA                       Milonga del angel (Piano solo)
(* 1921 Prov. Buenos Aires)

FERNANDO J. OBRADORS                  Del cabello mas sutil
(1897 - 1945)                                        (Von feinstem Haar)

TATA NACHO                                   Tengo nostalgia de ti
(1894 - 1963)                                    (Ich habe Sehnsucht nach dir)
                                                     lntima (Innigste ... )

SALVATORE CARDILLO                    Core ngrato (Undankbares Herz) (1874 - 1947)

1992-07-03 Recital Jose Carreras, Kongresshaus Innsbruck

Josep Carreras, tenor
Lorenzo Bavaj, piano
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