Sudden debut of José Cura in Samson et Dalila at Barcelona's Gran Teatre de Liceu
I was in Barcelona just for seeing José Carreras as Samson in "his" Opera House.  Then the word came out "Enfermidad", Carreras is sick. Cura replaces Carreras. I thought, it could be interesting to compare, and then I love this opera. (Rumors has it  that Cura was not the official replacement for the Liceu Samson). Only Cura or Domingo would be great enough a star to replace Josep Carreras in his hometown.

My parents loved José Cura as Samson, so did most of the Spanish press. "Cura was superior to Carreras".

I disagree to that sentiment. Cura sang Samson in Zurich June 10, 2000, and did a much better show in Zurich than here in Barcelona

Act 1. Cura was playing Samson like the ladies man some say Samson was.
Act 2. the best act in the opera, but it was not a memorable act in Barcelona.
Act 3. The emotional act in this opera. But I didn't feel those sentiments.

The one that deserved applause was Stefano Palatchi, the Old Hebrew.  I wish I had recorded this evening. Now I must only use my memory. Was it better than I remember it, or is my criticism justified. Don't know. But I remember standing up in the end, and applauding hard. I remember thinking: Why do I applaud it, I didn't feel that Cura was that good. Hysteria...

2001-03-18 Samson et Dalila (Saint-Saëns), Gran Teatre de Liceu (Barcelona)

Samson = José Cura
Dalila = Markella Hatziano
El Gran Sacerdote = Simon Estes
Viejo Judío = Stefano Palatchi
Abimelech = Simón Orfila
Messager = Francisco Vas
Filisteus = Josep Fadó

Stefano Ranzani, conductor

Direction - Elijah Moshinsky
Scenography / Costumes - Sidney Nolan
Light design - Nich Chelton
Choreography - David Bintley

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