Stefania Bonfadelli as LUCIA

Last time I saw it in Vienna State Opera was with Edita Gruberova as Lucia, she was just amazing: vocally and acting and in seeming so young. This time with a young soprano, wonderful voice and acting skills. Was Bonfadelli better then Gruberova? Different, but not better. The balance was better in Gruberova´ performance, in a mad scene that was not so exaggerated, but more chilling because of that. And in the beginning of the opera, when she tells of the ghost she saw and her love of Edgardo, much more adorable and winning and the young soprano. The duet with her brother, much better acting and singing.  My heart did not beat so much for this Lucia, even though she has a very rich soprano voice, a fullbodied voice, and yet the top notes was sometimes a rather unpleasant shock.

Tito Beltran, was a really wonderful Edgardo, youthful and shining. Getting better all through the evening. The last scene really was a shower of tears for me. So emotional, hard not to start crying for real.

What could have made this evening better: a better Enrico. Manuel Lanza was weak this evening. Even the showstoppers that Enrico have was not a highlight. It was impossible for Stefania Bonfadelli to be better in the scene Lucia/Enrico, because of her weak partner. And in the Wolfrag-scene between Edgardo/Enrico, without a strong partner it was not possible to make this a real highlight, even for TITO BELTRAN

2002-06-10 Lucia di Lammermoor (G. Donizetti), Wiener Staatsoper

Enrico = Manuel Lanza
Lucia = Stefania Bonfadelli
Edgardo = Tito Beltran
Arturo = John Nuzzo
Raimondo = Dan Paul Dumitrescn
Alisa = Florina Carmen
Normanno = Cosmin Ifrim

Frédéric Chaslin, conductor

Musikalische Leitung Frédéric Chaslin
Inszenierung - Boleslaw Barlog
Bühnenbild - Pantelis Dessyllas
Kostüme -Silvia Strahammer
Chorleitung - Ernst Dunshirn
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