Don Carlos was sung in French, and they all sung well except the American bass Stephen Bronk who sung Escurial (but it is ESCORIAL). A wonderful tenor Sergej Khomow sang Don Carlos extremely well. And Boris Statsenko was incredible as Rodrigue, Marquis de Posa.  Therese Waldner was wonderful as Elisabeth de Valois, and Jeanne Piland was absolutely magic as Princess Eboli. Of the three basses, Philippe II, Le Grand Inquisiteur and the Le Moine, it was Sami Luttinen as Le Moine who won the praise. Not that the two others were bad.

2002-06-19 Don Carlos (G. Verdi), Opernhaus Düsseldorf

Philippe II = Stephen Bronk
Don Carlos = Sergej Khomov
Rodrigue = Boris Statsenko
Le Grand Inquisiteur = Hermann Becht
Un Moine = Sami Luttinen
Elisabeth de Valois = Therese Waldner
La Princesse Eboli = Jeanne Piland
Thibault = Anke Krabbe
Une Voix d'en haut = Sylvia Hamvasi
La Comtesse d'Aremberg =
Sonja Behrendt
Le Comte de Lerme = Alexandru lonitza
Un Heraut royal = Marcelo Puente

John Fiore, conductor

Inszenierung - Christof Loy
Bühne und Kostüme - Herbert Murauer
Licht - Volker Weinhart
Chor - Gerhard Michalski
Spielleitung - Volker Böhm
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