2003-02-23 I Pagliacci (R. Leoncavallo), Hamburgische Staatsoper

Canio / Bajazzo = José Cura
Nedda / Colombina = Hellen Kwon
Tonio / Taddeo = Ko Seng Hyoun
Beppe / Harlequin = Peter Galliard
Silvio = George Petean

Niksa Bareza, conductor

Inszenierung - Gian-Carlo dei Monaco
Bühnenbild / Kostüme - Michael Scott
Chor - Florian Csizmadia

José Cura sings Pagliaccio (Canio)
Seng Hyoun Ko  was an amazing Tonio. Hellen Kwon weak-voiced, but good actor. George Petean was OK as Silvio. Peter Galliard  was a good Beppe.

José Cura was at times a brilliant Canio, I am sure that he will sing on February 25 much better. Premiere nerves, after conducting Cav (tired), and very cold weather in Hamburg.

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