2003-07-27 Aida (G. Verdi), Arena di Verona

The King = Carlo Striuli
Amneris = Larissa Diadkova
Aida = Micaela Carosi
Radames = Piero Giuliacci 
Ramfis = Giacomo Prestia
Amonasro = Ambrogio Maestri
High Priestess = Antonella Trevisan
A messenger = Mauro Buffoli
Prima ballerina Myrna Kamara
Male lead dancer Gregor Hatala
Akmen Amaya Ugarteche

Daniel Oren, conductor

Director - Franco Zeffirelli 
Scenography - Franco Zeffirelli 
Costume Design - Anna Anni 
Choreography - Vladimir Vassiliev 
Choir - Marco Faelli
Director of the Corps de Ballet - Maria Grazia Garofoli
Light Designer - Paolo Mazzon 
Director of stage design - Giuseppe De Filippi Venezia
After traveling most of the day by train. 9.30 from Munich and in Verona by 1505. I went by taxi to the hotel. Luckily the Hotel Tryp have a courtesy bus, so I was lucky enough to use that most of the time I was going to Verona, Piazza Bra and the Arena. Anyway I took one of  at 19 something, it is a 9-seater, and it is free if the seat is free. I saw a hugh queue of people, actually more than one. I though they was wanting tickets, no, they were lining up, so that they could get a good seat in the unnumbered seats, the cheap tickets. So I got a cheap ticket for sector B, well, Euro 17,50 (is cheaper than Euro 139).

So there I was, it was still not even 20hrs, and I was hungry. But luckily I could buy Coca Cola and something to eat. I was seated beside the stage, so sometimes the singers were hidden behind the statues, but I could also see people getting out from under the pyramid. It was a black curtain there, but it was a very windy night. It was also lightning during most of the Aida, but no rain, so the show could go on. I don't think I heard any thunder. Maybe the orchestra drowned it?

Then it was 21.15 the opera starts. I would have loved to get to see Salvatore Licitra as Radames, but it was another chubby tenor that sang. Quite good. Ambrogio Maestri who I later saw as Germont père in La traviata, was Amonasro. Very imposing voice. Micaela Carosi, that sang Liú almost a month ago in Turandot with Cura, was really impressive as Aida. Larissa Diadkova as Amneris was great, impressive. The duet between Aida and Amneris was great, but unfortunately when Amneris line came "Fissami in volto... "  (look me in my face) Amneris did not look at Aida, a serious mistake. Another bad thing was that the war prisoners was so few, like just a handful, now how could Amonasro think that he could win over the plenty Egyptians with that lot. Radames, not very impressive, the King and Ramfis, why afraid to release them....Stupid. Less priests and more Ethiopians.....

A typical overloaded Zeffirelli opera, do really the whole stage have to be packed... And action (like dancing) going on all the time. So many distractions. But that's the Arena.

Another thing... famous opera... people humming or singing along the singers and orchestra, annoying. And sometime talking or laughing, or just humming, really bad.
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