2006-06-26 Werther (Massenet), Wiener Staatsoper

Werther = Marcus Haddock
Albert = Morten Frank Larsen
Le Bailli = Janusz Monarcha
Charlotte = Elina Garanca
Sophie = Ileana Tonca
Schmidt = Benedikt Kobel
Johann = Clemens Unterreiner

Marco Armiliato, conductor

Inszenierung - Andrei Serban
Bühne - Peter Pabst
Kostüme - Peter Pabst, Petra Reinhardt
Choreinstudierung - Ernst Dunshirn

Werther (Massenet), Wiener Staatsoper

The tenor Marcus Haddock looked quite like Marcelo Alvarez and acted as him too. His singing was not at the level as Marcelo Alvarez. The costumes looked false on him, and I could not understand how anyone could fall in love with him. I am sure Alvarez would have made one forget the costumes which was OK for all the others but Werther. Elina Garanca has the most gorgeous mezzo soprano voice. She was absolutely wonderful. Ileana Tonca sang Sophie also wonderfully, Albert was great. But then it was the direction which I think really made this Werther production something I cannot like. It was the Postmodern Ironie. Werther is an idiot, he should more  be poetic. Charlotte was just a BIG EGO, she should really care for the children, instead she is more looking in the mirror, making her make-up perfect. Sophie is the one really tending the children, but she should be the second care-taker of the children. There is too many children in that household.

The singing was wonderful, but the REGIE was just about reading WERTHER the false way. Here you have great singers that can act well but chose to make most of what people say into falsehood. It was really depressing. This opera doesn't need that kind of help.

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