C.Saint-Saëns (1835-1921)
20., 22. & 28. oktober kl.19.30.
ARENUM, Solheimsviken

VNOs orkester

Bergen Operakor

CONDUCTOR - Anne Randine Øverby

It was more special than I had thought, this was the premiere, and it was even Graciela Araya first attempt to sing Dalila. And the mezzo/contralto from Chile sang Dalila's aria "Mon coeur s'ouvre a ta voix" exquisitely. Of course, the second act was the best part of the opera, as it almost always is. Here Graciela Araya (Dalila), Jorge Perdigon (Samson) and Anooshah Golesorkhi (Grand Pretre) was at their best. Some minor missteps, due possible that the conductor was not in front  but at the side.:Araya was a bit unlucky 2  times with Anooshah Golesorkhi. Other times I would say that the best musical and acting came when Graciela Araya sang together. Acting was superb. What can one say about Anooshah Golesorkhi, the Grand Pretre of Dagon, than he was perfection, first time any one in that role blew me away, what a voice and actor. Great !!!! And to say more about Graciela Araya, our Dalila, after just 5 days of rehearsing she was amazing. Her voice was much deeper than I was used to in that role, and I am truly sorry that I will not see and hear her on Sunday 22 and Saturday 28, too, because I am sure she will be even more sensational with more practice. Most of all I wish I would be in Bergen on October 28th, that I am sure will be the best performance, since it usually that some time to settle in. Then it is Jorge Perdigon, our Samson, weak in the beginning of the opera, but that made sense. Great acting, his best act was act 2, but also wonderful in act 3. But not quite the voice that Samson needs. I have heard Carreras as Samson in 1996 Zurich, and Jorge is not yet at that niveau, he not near Jose Cura. But how can I know until I have heard him in a true opera house. But still I am sure he sound like a little voice against the two big voices of Dalila & Grand Pretre.

The production was OK. Costumes: White for the Jews, Black for the Philistine. Green for Samson, and with DIEU on his jacket. And DIEU was writing on the blocks when God was present.

Not to forget. I was lucky enough to speak to Graciela Araya after the opera, and got my photo taken with her.  And wow, she looks good in black, not to mention the dress she had in the opera, very classy.

Then I had some problems finding where to go to get to my bus to the city center, and then it was an easy walk to my hotel.
2006-10-20 Samson et Dalila (Saint-Saëns), Vest Norges Opera (Bergen)

Samson = Jorge Perdigon
Dalila = Graciela Araya
Grand Pretre de Dagon = Anooshah Golesorkhi
Abimelech = Theodore Coresi

Anne Randine Øverby, conductor

Director- Bruno Berger Gorski
Scenography - Dirk Hofacker
Costumer - Opera Bergen
Light design - Jens Lange
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