2009-12-17 Recital - José Cura & Giulio Laguzzi, Den Norske Opera, Oslo

José Cura, tenor
Giulio Laguzzi, piano

José Cura and Guilio Laguzzi
Recital - Main House

José Cura, tenor
Giulio Laguzzi, piano

Magic and reality hand in hand.

The Lights were Out. Then:

The recital started with a Norwegian actor reading one of Pablo Neruda's poem in Norwegian.

It was still dark when Jose Cura came out singing Hilda Herrera's Desde el fondo de ti.
And still in the dark when Giulio Laguzzi sat down to play the piano and Cura found his seat to sing Maria Elena Walsh' Postal de guerra.

Then Jose Cura true to his personality asked for light to see the people. It was not the first time he has done that. Not new, but still endearing is his total willingness to show his gratitude to the multitude of people making this recital possible. So applause to the actor that we heard, the people behind the curtain. Naturally the pianist and later the the note-reader too. Cura was singing quietly, passionately and in full voice whatever the songs needed. He talked in the between quietly. In the second half he said in full voice he was sorry that some of the people had not been able to hear but still be was reserving his voice for singing.

I was most eager to hear him singing his self-composed sonetas by Pablo Neruda. For this part he wanted us to sit in the dark with lights on him and the pianist and the note-reader. I loved it.

Hilda Herrera:
Desde el fondo de ti
Maria Elena Walsh:
Postal de guerra
Serenata para la tierra de uno
Alberto Ginastera:
Canción del árbol del olvido
Pablo Neruda / José Cura:

Carlos Lopez Buchardo:
Canción del carretero
Carlos Guastavino:
La rosa y el sauce
Se equivocó la paloma
El único camino
Elegía para un gorrión
Soneto IV
Héctor Panizza:
Canción a la bandera

The extras was 3 Children's songs from Argentina, and Stille Nacht in French, English, German, Spanish and Norwegian. Jose Cura sang Stille Nacht (in the languages) with the audience, the Norwegian version (Glade jul, hellige jul) was sung by the Norwegian Audience without Cura. I think it the audience did a good job. Last extra: ANHELO. He explained the lyric to a light in day when nobody sees and it the night where it is seen by those in need. A beautiful sentiment that we should all follow...

And so did Jose Cura say Merry Christmas to us in the New Opera House of Oslo, Norway. Magic!! and MERRY CHRISTMAS, God jul!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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