2014-01-18 Tosca (Puccini), Deutsche Oper Berlin

Floria Tosca = Tatjana Serjan
Mario Cavaradossi = Marcello Giordani
Baron Scarpia = Sergey Murzaev
Cesare Angelotti = Ben Wager
Der Mesner = Seth Carico
Spoletta = Jörg Schörner
Sciarrone = Andrew Harris
Ein Schließer = Noel Bouley

Matthias Foremny, conductor
Kinderchor der Deutschen Oper Berlin
Chor der Deutschen Oper Berlin
Orchester der Deutschen Oper Berlin

Director - Boleslaw Barlog
Stage-design, Costume-design  - Filippo Sanjust
ChöreThomas Richter
KinderchorChristian Lindhorst
There is this idea that one can see too many performance of one opera. Then there is perfection like on Saturday January 18, 2014 in Deutsche Oper Berlin. This is on of the classic productions that will never be tired, especially when it has been rehearsed so well that it seem to be real here and now. Marcello Giordani was a wonderful Mario Cavaradossi, perfectly sung and acted. Tatjana Serjan was just so right in this role, Tosca was in her bones and airs. Sergey Murzaev was just the perfect Scarpia.

Sergey Murzaev was the perfect Scarpia. Only hardened Thomas Hampson fans would be disappointed by Murzaev. This was a smooth, good-looking Scarpia who just occationally let the inner demon out. His minions looked more intimidating than Scarpia himself. But Roma knew of his reputation. Marcello Giordani made his Mario Cavaradossi a much more noble, politically savvy and screwd mind than most tenors give the role. Tatjana Serjan's Floria Tosca had also a wider pallette to paint than most sopranos. Then add upp a production and regie that takes everything in and draws the right picture all the way. Best Tosca ever!!
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