2015-01-12 Luisa Fernanda (Moreno Torroba), Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia (Valencia)

Luisa Fernanda = Davinia Rodríguez
Vidal Hernando = Plácido Domingo
Javier = José Bros
Carolina = Isabel Rey
Mariana = María José Suárez
Saboyano = Emilio Sánchez
Rosita = Sandra Ferrández
Nogales = Miguel Sola
Aníbal / Vareador = Vicenç Esteve
Don Florito = Juansa Lloret
Bizco Porras = David Rubiera
Don Lucas = David Fruci *
Capitán = Germán Olvera*

Jordi Bernàcer, conductor
Cor de la Generalitat Valenciana
Francesc Perales, director
Orquestra de la Comunitat Valenciana

Director - Emilio Sagi
Vestuario - Pepa Ojanguren
Iluminación - Eduardo Bravo
Producción - Teatro Real de Madrid

* Centre de Perfeccionament Plácido Domingo
Placido Domingo sounded fresher in this second performance of Luisa Fernanda. I have seen again the  DVD of the same production from Teatro Real in Madrid in 2006. Naturally with 9 more years Placido sound different now. Placido Domingo, the great tenor, is now singing baritone roles in full force. He is obviously dreaming of conquering all Verdi Baritone roles just like he did Verdi Tenor roles. Verdi baritone roles is very far from the lighter zarzuela even if he is singing Vidal Hernando, a baritone role. Still, Placido can still win people over. Is it the Magic of the Legend or does he still have It.

Jose Bros as Javier Moreno just as in 2006 (DVD), but in Valencia he was even better. I am a big fan of Nancy Fabiola Herrera so I assumed I would prefer her in the 2006 DVD, but I found that Davinia Rodriguez gave the role more personality. In the DVD recording Mariola Cantarero was the Duchess Carolina, but also there did I find more personality and depth in Isabel Rey's intepretation.

It is strange that or maybe it isn't, that the dvd feels more stuffed than the live performances in Valencia. Maybe it is that Valencia had the more superb cast also in the small parts and even chorus and dancers was more alive and real than in Teatro Real. I never saw this zarzuela in Teatro Real so I can only say what I see, feel and hear from the recording.

Torroba: Luisa Fernanda

Plácido Domingo (Vidal Hernando); Nancy Herrera (Luisa Fernanda); José Bros (Javier Moreno); Mariola Cantarero (Duchess Carolina);

"The production at the Teatro Real in Madrid was a top-of-the-range version...Vidal is a peach of a role for Domingo: his voice easily commands its baritone range and he dominates the action, convincingly heroic in voice and figure and still able to project a greying virility in the style of Sean Connery. Nancy Herrara as Luisa and Jose Bros as Javier gave fine support." (The Independent)

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