This operetta, The Bat (Die Fledermaus) is often played on New Years Eve or Day. After all it has a tune for Champagne as the King of Wine. This production was known for having Rolv Wesenlund, the famous Norwegian comedian as Frosch.  He is famous in Norway and Sweden. The old tenor master, Ragnar Ulfung sang Alfred and Swedish soprano Helena Döse was his wife. The new and now famous Norwegian soprano, Solveig Kringlebotn (or Solveig Kringelborn as she is called when she sings outside Scandinavia) was a wonderful Adele.

The operetta was upgraded to be set in the 1930's. Something that neither harmed it or enhanced it.
1989-01-07 Die Fledermaus (Johann Strauss), Den Norske Opera (Oslo)

Dr. Falke = Terje Stensvold
Alfred = Ragnar Ulfung
Adele = Solveig Kringlebotn
Rosalinde = Helena Döse
Eisenstein = Arild Helleland
Dr. Blind = Tor Gilje
Frank = Stein Arild Thorsen
Orlovski = Vesla Tveten
Ida = Gro Hundvin Eliassen
Frosch = Rolv Wesenlund

Zdenka Perharda, conductor

Regie - Robert Herzl
Scenography - Anna Gisle
Choreography - Toni Herlofson
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