1989-01-23 La Boheme (Puccini), Den Norske Opera (Oslo)

Mimi = Solveig Kringlebotn
Musetta = Ingjerd Oda Mantor
Rodolfo = José Antonio Sempere
Marcello = Trond Halstein Moe
Schaunard = Per Vollestad
Colline = Svein Carlsen
Benoit/Alcindoro = Bjørn Lie-Hansen
Parpignol = Ola S. Isene

Per Åke Andersson, conductor

Regie - Jens Christian Ek
Scenography - Herman Bendixen, Kåre Bromstad
Costumes - Kari Andersen, Herman Bendixen
La Boheme in Oslo. With Norwegian Soprano Solveig Kringlebotn (Internationally known as Kringelborn) in the role of Mimi and with Jose Antonio Sempere as Rodolfo. Wonderful, perfect. And this is the oldest (I think) production still used.  Since I am writing this in 2008 and we have a new opera house I am quite sure that in the new house if La Boheme it will not be this production.

A perfect cast!!!
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