Grieghallen 27,28,31/3 & 2/4-1993
(Camille Saint-Saëns)

Anne Randine Øverby, conductor.

The Venue: Grieghallen, Bergen (Norway)
I know I was there but unfortunately I do not remember much from it. But I think I would have remembered if it had only been a concert version. I do think that I was impressed with Gail Gilmore's Dalila and by Anooshah Golesorkhi as Grand Pretre.
1993-03-27 Samson et Dalila (Saint-Saëns), Opera Bergen

Dalila = Gail Gilmore
Samson = George Gray
Gran Pretre = Anooshah Golesorkhi
Abimelech = Boris Agayev
Old Hebrew = Boris Agayev
Philister = Oddbjørn Hanto, Kåre Pettersen
Messenger = Kåre Pettersen

Anne Randine Øverby, conductor

Regie - Bruno Berger
Costume design - Helge Braanen
Light design - Jens Lange
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