1997-06-24 Mefistofele (Boito), Wiener Staatsoper

Mefistofele = Egils Silins*
Faust = Keith Ikaia-Purdy
Margherita/Elena = Michele Crider*
Marta/Pantalis = Nelly Boschkowa
Wagner/Nerèo = Ruben Broitman

Michael Halász, conductor

Spielleitung - Lorenza Cantini, Diana Kienast
Choreographie - Antonella Agati
Choreinstudierung - Dietrich D. Gerpheide
New Opera for me. But the composer was a known name Arrigo Boito, one of Verdi's librettists. The story is from Goethe's Faust, in the world of opera most known as Gounod's FAUST.

But Boito is making another story more complex taking more from the novel by Goethe. It has a prologue and a epilogue. And so it is more confusing, but has some glorious music.

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