1997-06-26 Aida (Verdi), Wiener Staatsoper

Re D'Egitto = David Cale Johnson
Amneris = Waltraud Meier
Aida = Deborah Voigt
Radames = Kristjan Johannsson
Ramphis = Kurt Rydl
Amonasro = Simon Estes
Un Messagero = Franz Kasemann
Sacedotessa = Marjorie Vance

Marcello Viotti, conductor

Nach einer Inszenierung von Nicolas Joel
Ausstattung - Carlo Tommasi
Choreographie - Jan Stripling
Chorleitung - Dietrich D. Gerpheide
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A wonderful Aida with Deborah Voigt in good voice. A great cast and a wonderful production.  Many tourists in the State Opera, many Japanese kimonos to see.

The moment I remembered the most is when Waltraud Meier went down the steep stairs and then there was a big flash from a camera. My heart almost stopped, that could have been very dangerous for Waltraud Meier. But she got down still whole.

I have seen an opera performance with so many camera flashes while the performance lasted. Usually people have the wits to wait until the applause.