I chose a cheap ticket that made the opera look like this:

Act 1 Vladimir's Palace
I saw Agnes Baltsa in a beautiful red dress 3 times.
Nothing else. Luckily I knew the opera, so I knew what was going on. Wonderful singing. But my question was: "How was the acting. And the room?"

Act 2 Fedora's Palace in Paris
This time I saw more. I could see 1/3 of the stage. And luckily I could most of Agnes Baltsa & Jose Cura when they were together. I had to lean out to see them. GREAT singing!
But Cura was sobbing in "Vedi, io piango" ruined the moment.

Act 3 LoveNest in Switzerland
I could see everything. GREAT.

1997-10-13 Fedora (Umberto Giordano, Wiener Staatsoper

Fedora Romazoff = Agnes Baltsa
Loris Ipanoff = José Cura
Olga Sukarew = Anat Efraty
De Siriex = Davide Damiani
Dimitri/Ein kleiner Savoyarde =
Dana Liliana Ciuca
Desire = Helmut Wildhaber
Baron Rouvel = Franz Kasemann
Cirillo = Peter Köves
Dr. Boroff = Marian Pop
Grech = Rudolf Mazzola
Dr. Lorek = David Cale Johnson
Nicola = Friedrich Springer
Sergio = Johann Reinprecht
Michele = Martin Thyringer
Boleslao Lazinski = Paul Harris
Ivan =  Nicholaas van Huyssteen

Anton Guadagno, conductor

Inszenierung - Jonathan Miller
Ausstattung  - Tobias Hoheisel
Lichtgestaltung - Paul Pyant
Choreinstudierung - Johannes Meister
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