José Carreras, tenor
Agnes Baltsa, mezzo
Isabel Rey, soprano
David Giménez, conductor

22.august 1997
Rathausplatz 20.00

1. Isabel Rey, coloratura aria
2. Agnes Baltsa, Seguedilla
3. Jose Carreras, O sole mio
4. Baltsa, Carreras, Rey LA TRAVIATA - Brindisi
5. Jose Carreras; O sole mio

Fantastic concert. It was rainy and even some thunder in the second half of the concert.
1997-08-22 Hamburger Operngala, Rathausplatz

Agnes Baltsa, mezzo
Josep Carreras, tenor
Isabel Rey, soprano

David Gimenez, conductor
1. Mozart : Le Nozze di Figaro
2. Tosti: Marechiare JC
3. Tosti: Vieni sul mar JC
4. Le Nozze di Figaro- Voi che sapete AB
5. L'Italiana in Algeri - Pensi alla Patria AB
6. L'Arlesiana - E la solita storia JC
7. Cavalleria Rusticana - Voi che sapete AB
8. Cavalleria Rusticana - Intermezzo
9. Cavalleria Rusticana - Tu qui, Santuzza ABJC

1. Las Bodas de Luis Alonso
2. Me llaman la prima rosa IR
3. Granada JC
4. El duo de la Africana IRJC
5: Carmen - Habanera AB
6. Coren'grato JC
7. O mio babbino caro AB
8. Dein ist mein ganzes Herz JC
9. Die Lustige Witwe - Lippen schweigen ABJC

Hamburg im Prominenten-Fieber   Artikel vom 22.08.1997
Ganz Hamburg eine riesige Piazza   Artikel vom 22.08.1997
The concert at Rathausmarkt "Operngala"

18.10. I were at the Rathausmarkt, bought my program, and found my
seat.  One could buy Danish dish, a Japanese sushi dish, drink
champagne (of course it wasn't cheap, but almost stylish). I was just
drinking from my bottle of cola-light (big bottle). Not so stylish,
but cheaper!!!

at 20.00

The concert begins, a big applause to the conductor, no, it was
director of the Hamburger Opernwoche. He talks for a short while, then
he gave the word someone import in Hamburg. She talk for a long time,
it seemed. (But in real time the two talked for 10 minutes).

But then David Giménez, came young and fresh and full of energy on the
stage, and we  could  hear:

Mozart: Le Nozze di Figaro- Ouverture
Splendid delivery of an opera pearl.

J o s e C a r r e r a s came, at everything seemed a l i v e

Tosti: M a r e c h i a r e
Carreras was great, his voice seemed to have been darkening, it had an
almost baritonal flavor. V i e n i    s u l   m a r

A g n e s B a l t s a

Mozart: Le nozze di Figaro_-V o i   c h e   s a p e t e

I still gets tears in my eyes when I think of that performance, never
was the aria sung so .... (my words fails me)

Rossini: L'Italiana in Algeri - P e n s a   a l l a   p a t r i a

She always sings this aria like a goddess. Always when you hear and see
Agnes Baltsa, one is reminded that she can't separate the aria from
the acting, the role, unlike so many other singers, who when it is
concert they don't act.

J o s e C a r r e r a s

Cilea: L'arlesiana _ E   l a   s o l i t a   s t o r i a


A g n e s   B a l t s a

Mascagni: Cavalleria Rusticana - V o i   l o   s a p e t e ,   o  
  m a m m a

Intermezzo (orchestra)

A g n e s   B a l t s a  &   J o s e   C a r r e r a s

T u   q u i ,   S a n t u z z a

Great, great, great

End of part 1
----------------------------------------------------------------- Part
2 of the concert.

Resounding in my head was the duet from Cavalleria Rusticana. Nobody
can sing Santuzza like Baltsa, no one can be a better Turriddu than
Carreras. But thinking about it, now, I don't know whether Carreras
has ever sung Turriddu on stage in a opera performance.

It was a 25 minutes break between the two parts of the concert

Agnes Baltsa was wearing  a dress, white on the top, and fluffy on the
arms, and the long skirt was black. To get an idea, see:
Baltsa picture.

Isabel Rey was wearing a "turkise" dress. (bleu with green flavor)

Than at 21.25 the concert commences:

Alonso: Las Bodas de Luis Alonso-Intermedio

I s a b e l   R e y

Alonso: El Barberillo de Lavapies _ M e   l l a m a n   l a  
p r i m a r o s a  
What a joy to hear her fresh and highly individual voice, she doesn't
sound like Caballé, Victoria de los Angeles or Pilar Lorengar, but she
is definitely in their league. A new great Spanish soprano. She have
studied under Montserrat Caballé and Alfredo Kraus, so the program

J o s e   C a r r  e r a s

Lara: G r a n a d a

naturally the audience goes wild (in the heart, more than action,
maybe it was to hot in Hamburg, I don't know)

C a r r e r a s  & R e y


They are acting, they are singing, it is FANTASTIC!!!!!!

A g n e s   B a l t s a

Bizet: CARMEN - H a b a n e r a

Great, yes, yes, yes I want to see her as Carmen live on stage
no matter what it costs. How can I say that I have seen Carmen onstage
when she was not the Carmen

J o s e   C a r r e r a s

Cardillo: C o r e n ' g r a t o

Jose is just great.

A g n e s   B a l t s a

Surprise of the evening:
Puccini:Gianni Schicchi O   m i o   b a b b i n o   c a r o

A mezzo singing one of the great showpiece aria for any young soprano
(like Isabel Rey).  With Agnes Baltsa the aria goes further than just
show-piece than just comedy.  She gives the aria an touch of tragedy
after all, the soprano is begging her father of getting to marry her
love, if he says no, she will jump into the river Arno. 

Wonderfully sung, she ends with a pianissimo.
It is touching, the not so young mezzo, gives away a young woman's
true heart

J o s e   C a r r e r a s

Lehar: The land of smiles D e i n   i s t   m e i n   g a n z e s   
H e r z

Nobody, even with a better German pronunciation could have sung the
aria better.

B a l t s a   &   C a r r e r a s

Lehàr Die Lustige Witwe  L i p p e n   s c h w e i g e n

Great duet from de Merry Widow. one disappointment: Agnes wanted to
waltz, he didn't.  But still Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jose Carreras being the perfect gentleman arranges that I s a b e l 
R e y  will sing the first extra. He decides which aria she will
sing, gets her laughing yes, and indicating that she knows that aria
perfectly. But I don't .

A g n e s   B a l t s a

Bizet: Carmen: S e g u e d i l l a

J o s e   C a r r e r a s
O   s o l e   m i o  (or   T o r n a   a   S u r r i e n t o).

Photographs being taking at the same time as we see the heavenly
blitz. Jose loses no nerve.

B a l t s a , C a  r r e r a s   &   R e y

Verdi: La Traviata - B r i n d i s i
Pure heaven

J o s e   C a r r e r a s

O   s o l e   m i o
It was a pure demonstration of  strength    
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