1998-05-30 Jérusalem (Giuseppe Verdi), Wiener Staatsoper

Gaston, Vicomte von Bearn = Keith Ikaia-Purdy
Comte von Toulouse = Yu Chen
Roger = Kurt Rydl
Hélène = Eliane Coelho
Isaure = Marjorie Vance
Adhemar de Monteil = Peter Köves
Emir de Ramla = Wolfgang Bankl

Bruno Campanella, conductor

Inszenierung - Robert Carsen
Bühnenbild und Kostüme - Michael Levine
Choreinstudierung - Johannes Meister
Eliane Coelho = Helene
Keith Ikaya-Purdy = Gaston
Kurt Rydl = Roger

Wiener Staatsoper 30.5.98 kl.1900-2230
Verdi : Jerusalem

In place at the opera 1819, heard some magnificent voices warm up, possibly Keith Ikaya-Purdy.
I bought my program ATS 38,- ( took 40)
Wearing my three-tenors-operaglasses, feeling classy. Naturally I started by reading in the program.

The commercial for Chopard,with big picture of Jose, almost destroys my happy mood. --- It Could have been Carreras singing--- I decide not to let any such thought destroy my evening, after all I have a dark video of Jose as Gaston, and some picture too.

Graf von Toulouse = Yu Chen
Isaure = Marjorie Vanel <sic>

The House is full.

Pause after 1 act and after 3 act 1scene

BRAVO Kurt Rydl!  Great Roger!!!

Prelude .
Gaston & Helene duet  . Beautiful singing.
The person sitting beside me has no consideration of other peoples
wishes to see the stage too. Sitting leant back to the chair, he
would still see the stage with no problem, but he is leaning forward,
so that WE have problem seeing the stage, not only me. He is not

Bruno Camponelli conducts. Sublime music. Next scene. Yu Chen who
sing the Count of Toulouse look so like Carreras. Great bass. The
father is younger than his daughter. It is very natural.

Kurt Rydl is great as Roger, much better than Ramey. His character is
not only evil, he is multi-faceted.

A grand first act!!

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