1998-10-25 Fedora (Giordano), Opernhaus Zurich

Fedora Romazoff = Agnes Baltsa
Loris Ipanoff = Josep Carreras
De Siriex = Philippe Duminy
Olga Sukareff = Sona Ghazarian
Boleslao Lazinski = Thomas Grabowski
Dr. Boroff = Rolf Haunstein
Baron Rouvel = Emilio Ruggiero
Grech = Giuseppe Scorsin
Cirillo = Rudolf A. Hartmann
Désiré = Miroslav Christoff
Nicolas = Arno Weinländer
Sergio = Peter Kálmán
Dimitri = Judith Schmid
Dr. Lorek = Damon Nestor Ploumis

David Gimenez, conductor

Inszenierung - Grischa Asagaroff
Bühnenbild - Andrzej Majewski
Kostüme - Jan Skalicky
Beleuchtung - Jakob Schlossstein
Chor - Jürg Hämmerli
And after a fantastic evening at the opera.
Signierstunde in the Opera Foyer.

1.act : A room in Vladimir's house in St. Petersburg. The servants drinking, and playing cards. Then the great Fedora (Baltsa) come in. This was so special, that I got tears in my eyes. Never experience something quite like this. Great acting-singing everyone. Great Cirillo.

2. act : Fedora's house in Paris. Ballroom. A great ballroom, nice dresses. When Carreras came into the stage, my heart almost stopped. So good-looking, in god form. Singing like a god. Baltsa was great, but she was overwhelmed by Carreras. Amor ti vieta, was a dream. The high-charge duets, was gorgeous.

3. act : Love-nest in Switzerland. A great act, with overwhelming duets.
Never was Fedora's death so moving.

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