1999-11-12 La Juive (L. Halèvy), Wiener Staatsoper

Eléazar = Neil Shicoff
Rachel =Soile Isokoski
Prinzessin Eudoxie = Regina Schörg
Kardinal Brogni = Alastair Miles
Léopold = Zoran  Todorovich
Ruggiero = István Gáti
Albert = Janusz Monarcha
1 Bürger = Hacik Bayvertian
2 Bürger = Martin Thyringer
Offizier = Martin Müller

Simone Young, conductor

Inszenierung - Günter  Krämer
Bühnenbild und
Kostüme - Gottfried Pilz und
Isabel Ines Glathar
Choreinstudierung - Ernst Dunshirn
La Juive
Neil Shicoff in the role of his life as Eleazar.
La Juive, Christians and Juive separated in one city. The production shows the segregation with colors, White for Christians, Black for Jews. The colors are not saying that the Christians are innocent in the hatred and violence. The stage is also segregated. It is beautiful music and a production that make you think.

Only one thing I want to tell the opera directors, let opera unfold to tell the story. Just open it up, new and fresh. (like one did with La Juive)
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