2004-07-21 Greek songs, Ingolstadt

Agnes Baltsa, mezzo
State Orchestra of Hellenic Music
Stavros Xarhakos, conductor

State Orchestra of Hellenic Music
Stavros Xarhakos, conductor

„Lieder meiner Heimat“ – von Mikis Theodorakis,
Stavros Xarhakos u.a.

I took Bus X109 to Ingolstadt 1707 (Kurt-Huber-strasse) and 1826 Bus 70 to Theodor-Heuss-Brucke direct at my hotel ARA comfort. Still time went fast, and soon I took the taxi to Reduit
Tilly for the Greek night with Agnes Baltsa & Stavros Xarhakos
(conductor, composer). It was a wonderful night. Many of the known songs from the CD "Songs my Country taught me", Garifollo stafti (Extra number), Aspri mera, Oniro pedion tis gitonias, Varkarola, Arhontissa, O tahidromos. Stou Othona la hronia, To treno stis okto,
and 6 songs that were new for me. They were all wonderfully song, but the loudspeakers was too loud, it was almost painful to my ear.

After a wonderful concert, taxi back to my hotel, I was back in my hotel room at approx 2330.

Stavros Xarhakos: Otan horeve i Frinta*
(As Frinta danced)
Stavros Xarhakos: Áspri méra ke ya mas (There will be better days, even for us)
Mikis Theodorakis: To tréno févgi stis októ (The train leaves at eight)
Manos Hadjidakis: Óniro pedión tis gitoniás (Dream of urban children)
Stavros Xarhakos: Nikterino paliou pathous*
(Nocturne of ancient passion)
Stavros Xarhakos: Stou Óthona ta hrónia (When Otto was king)
Stavros Xarhakos: Hathike to fegari (The lost moon)
Vasilis Tsitsanis:  Arhóntissa (Princess of my heart)
Vasilis Tsitsanis: Ta kavourakia


Stavros Xarhakos: O sinthesis taxidevi sto potami* (The composer sails in the river)
Spiros Peristeris: Mes'ton onta enos passa (In private room)
Manos Hadjidakis: O tahidrómos (The postman)
Stavros Xarhakos: To praktorio (The lonely station)
Stavros Xarhakos: Stis skies trion filon* (In the shadow of three friends)
Stavros Xarhakos: Varkarólla (Barcarolle)
Manos Hadjidakis: Dioxe ti lipi palikari (Leave you sorrow behind, young man)
Stavros Xarhakos: Nin ke ai (Now and forever)

Manos Hadjidakis: Garífallo st' aftí (A carnation behind your ear)

* for  orchestra

Programme in Greek letters
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