2004-07-07 Die Sache Makropulos (Janacek), Deutsche Oper Berlin

  Emilia Marty = Anja Silja
  Albert Gregor = Pär Lindskog
  Vitek = Neil Jenkins
  Kristina = Jessica Miller
  Baron Jaroslav Prus = Steven Page
  Janek = Yosep Kang 
  Dr. Kolenaty = Lenus Carlson
Ein Theatermaschinist = Slavtscho Kurschumov
  Eine Aufräumefrau = Kari Hamnoy
  Hauk-Sendorf = Ryland Davies 
  Kammerzofe Emilias = Kari Hamnoy

Marc Albrecht, conductor

Inszenierung - Nikolaus Lehnhoff
Bühne, Kostüme - Tobias Hoheisel
Licht - Mark Henderson/Jon Stevens
Chöre - Hellwart Matthiesen
I liked this opera and the production, and I even got to see and talk to Anja Silja after the performance at the stage door. Wonderful photos did I take from the applause, and one great photo of Anja Silja at the stage door. But, helas, my newly bought 256MB  XD picture card got a reading error, so I only saw my photos once at the computer, they were great, but to pay 2 000-15 000 NOK for a rescue of 6-7 photos... If I were a millionaire, yes, but I am not
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