2006-06-24 Cavalleria Rusticana (Mascagni), Miskolc Operafestival

Santuzza = Sorina Munteanu
Lola = Sidonia Nica
Turiddu = Daniel Magdal
Alfio = Ionut Pascu
Lucia = Adriana Alexandru

Adrian Morar, conductor

Director - Cristina Cotescu, based on the work of Franco Zeffirelli
7 PM, Grand Theatre

Guest performance of the Bucharest National Opera
Pietro Mascagni: Cavalleria rusticana

Opera in one act in Italian
Libretto - adapted from Giovanni Verga by Giovanni Targioni-Tozzetti
and Guido Menasci

Conducted by: Adrian Morar
Directed by: Cristina Cotescu, based on the work of Franco Zeffirelli

It was really a wonderful Cavalleria Rusticana, no wonder since it was based on Zeffirelli. Daniel Magdal had trouble with his top notes, he was not in his best in the O Lola - romance, but he grew better. Sorina Munteanu was admirable Santuzza, a true mezzo, when she sang in the soprano area she was still a very good, but I think I would have loved to hear her as Princess Eboli in Verdi´s Don Carlo. Alfio was a young and beautiful baritone, a little to light a voice for the duet with Santuzza. Lola was wonderful. And Lucia was also good.