2006-06-24 Pagliacci (Leoncavallo), Miskolc Operafestival

Canio = Daniel Magdal
Nedda = Mariana Colpos
Tonio = Oleg Ionese
Silvio = Iordache Basilic
Beppe = Marius Manea

Adrian Morar, conductor

Director - Cristina Cotescu, based on the work of Franco Zeffirelli

Ruggero Leoncavallo: I Pagliacci

Opera in two acts with prologue in Italian

Canio - Daniel Magdal, Nedda - Roxana Briban (Mariana Colpos?)
Conducted by: Adrian Morar

Directed by: Stefan Neagrau, based on the work of Franco Zeffirelli

The story is set in Calabria , south-Italy, in 1865.

This was a better role for Daniel Magdal, he was great in Vesti la giubba. Nedda was also wonderful. Beppe was wonderful. Tonio was good. Silvio was also very good. And I was at tears in the end. All my sympathy was for Canio.