2006-12-16 Werther (Massenet), Bayerische Staatsoper, Munich

Werther = Marcelo Alvarez
Albert = Christopher Maltman  
Le Bailli = Christoph Stephinger  
Schmidt = Kevin Conners  
Johann = Franz-Josef Kapellmann  
Brühlmann = Marc Pujol  
Charlotte = Sophie Koch  
Sophie = Adriana Kucerova  
Käthchen = Anaik Morel

Daniel Oren, conductor

Production, Set, Lighting Concept
and Costumes - Jürgen Rose  
Production Staff - Franziska Severin  
Lighting - Michael Bauer  
Children Chorus - Stellario Fagone  
Dramaturgy - Ingrid Zellner   

Jules Massenet
Edouard Blau, Paul Milliet,
Georges Hartmann after Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Conductor Daniel Oren  

Werther Marcelo Alvarez

The Bavarian State Orchestra

And then in the evening another Premiere with Marcelo Alvarez, in 2004 I was in Bayerische Staatsoper for the premiere of Romeo et Juliette... What can I say? Sophie Koch has a beautiful mezzo soprano voice and was wonderful as Charlotte. Marcelo Alvarez was a passionate Werther. The production that I had heard was wonderful, I did not like it. Luckily act 3 and 4 was great enough.  Not that the production was bad, it was just not good enough, it made me yearn for the Vienna production which had better ideas. Sophie was in this production just a silly girl, I though we had evolved from that.  Sophie is much better, more relevant if she is near Charlotte in age (almost said height) and light-hearted but not silly... The scenography, why update Werther, silly...
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