2007-10-17 Andrea Chenier (Giordano),
Gran Teatre del Liceu, Barcelona

Andrea Chenier = José Cura
Carlo Gérard = Carlos Álvarez
Maddalena de Coigny = Deborah Voigt
Bersi = Marina Rodríguez Cusí
Comtessa de Coigny = Viorica Cortez
Madelon = Irina Mishura
Roucher = Miguel Ángel Zapater
Pietro Fléville = Enric Serra
Fouquier Tinville = Enric Serra
Mathieu = Philip Cutlip
L'Increïble = Francisco Vas
El mossèn = Josep Ruiz
Schmidt = Vicenç Esteve Corbacho
Un Majordom  = Vicenç Esteve Corbacho
Dumas = Manel Esteve Madrid

Pinchas Steinberg, conductor

Stage Director - Philippe Arlaud
Set Design - Philippe Arlaud
Costume design - Andrea Uhmann
Light Design - Philippe Arlaud
Choreography - Keith Morino
Production - The New National Theatre Foundation -Tokio

"Questo azzurro sofà là collochiam."
In this production the Majordomo said blanco (white) instead of azzurro (blue) because in this production almost all were dressed in white, and then some tricolor. In this production Madame la Guillotine was omnipresent and the director heavy-handedly gave us the message of the revolution is eating its own, all acts ended with people onstage being murdered. In this Andrea Chenier there was no doubt that Chenier and Maddalena died along with a lot of people that we had seen alive in other acts, Roucher, Bersi etc. Only children was alive to show the flag and be revolutionary.

Wonderful José Cura as Andrea Chenier! Anna Shafajinskaia had been called to the Opera house to maybe step in for a sick Deb Voigt. That would have been very interesting!! But La Voigt did not feel that ill. I can understand that to sing in Liceu, it would be hard to say another must sing for me today. Deborah Voigt is not my ideal as Maddalena di Coigny. She is acting very well, although I find her portrayal to girlish, (loved Maria Guleghina in the DVD from Bologna), and I find it hard to war up to her voice.

Carlos Alvarez was wonderful as Gerard. Very youthful, and this Gerard was really like
Contessa said:
Quel Gérard! L'ha rovinato il leggere!

This Carlo Gerard was destroyed by the reading of books.

I did not take any photos inside the Liceu. I was too nervous, but the good thing with that is that I could concentrate on applauding. BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At the stage door: conductor, Roucher, Voigt, .... No José Cura and I waited a LONG time. But Carlos Alvarez came, but I did not take his photo, I did not take any photos at all in Barcelona. I talked to him. Told him how great I found him in this production and even mentioned how much I liked his Macbeth in the DVD with Maria Guleghina. WOW, Carlos Alvarez!!!!! I talked...
.. but no photos.
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