2007-10-19 Elektra (R.Strauss), Wiener Staatsoper

Klytämnestra = Agnes Baltsa
Elektra = Deborah Polaski
Chrysothemis = Silvana Dussmann
Aegisth = Michael Roider
Orest = Ain Anger
Pfleger des Orest = Wolfgang Bankl*
Vertraute = Zsuzsanna Szabó
Schleppträgerin = Daniela Denschlag*
junger Diener = Herwig Pecoraro
alter Diener = Marcus Pelz
Aufseherin = Waltraud Winsauer
1. Magd = Janina Baechle*
2. Magd = Zoryana Kushpler*
3. Magd = Sophie Marilley*
4. Magd = Ǻsa Elmgren
5. Magd = Caroline Wenborne

Michael Boder, conductor

Inszenierung - Harry Kupfer
Bühnenbild - Hans Schavernoch
Kostüme - Reinhard Heinrich
Chorleitung - Janko Kastelic

Only Agnes Baltsa could make me see this opera and only AGNES BALTSA made it worth the time

Boring, boring, boring.... But Agnes Baltsa is GREAT. This opera needs so much, it is dark and so much monologue, beautiful music. Elektra is sung by Deborah Polaski, her voice is sometime too weak, the orchestra is heavy, and then where is the excitement the intense feeling, I did not feel it. Her sister is sung by Silvana Dussmann, and her we have a singer and actress who can transmit feelings. But it is Elektra who is supposed to outshine everybody else. Even the brother Orest sung by Ain Anger is more exciting and Aigist too (Michael Roider).

Agnes Baltsa as Klytämnestra is in a league of her own. She owns the stage, she is interesting, you see how this woman is totally crazy in her misunderstanding of it all.

But a great Elektra performance needs an Elektra who is shaking your world, here I did not find that. That Chrysothemis would outshine Elektra, what a concept...

But Klytämnestra is QUEEN!!!!!!! Hail, Agnes Baltsa! The Greek mezzo... DIVA
19. Oktober 2007

(51. Aufführung in dieser Inszenierung)

Musikalische Leitung: Michael Boder
nach einer

(* Rollendebüt an der Wiener Staatsoper)

Beginn: 20.00
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