2009-12-12 La Fanciulla del West (Puccini), Den Norske Opera, Oslo

Minnie = Paoletta Marrocu
Dick Johnson (Ramirez) = José Cura
Jack Rance = Jason Stearns
Nick = Svein Erik Sagbråten
Ashby = Magne Fremmerlid
Jake Wallace = Njål Sparbo
Sonora = Ole Jørgen Kristiansen
Bello = Mads Wighus
Happy = Eirik Roland Egeberg-Jensen
Joe = David Fielder
Jim Larkens = Ketil Hugaas
Trin = Kjell Magnus Sandve
Harry = Henrik Engelsviken
Sid = Espen Langvik
José Castro = Carsten Stabell
Wowkle = Sigrid Ohlsson
Billy Jackrabbit = Bo Elley
Postiglione = Paul Kirkby

Joseph Colaneri, conductor

Director - Robert Carsen
Set design/ costumes - Paul Steinberg
Lighting design -Robert Carsen and Peter van Praet
This is a production from Vlaamse Opera Belgium.

Paoletta Marrocu (25/11, 09/12, 12/12, 14/12, 16/12)
Itziar M. Galdos (03/12, 11/12)
Dick Johnson:
Ho-yoon Chung (25/11, 03/12, 09/12, 11/12, 16/12)
José Cura (12/12, 14/12)
Jack Rance:
Jason Stearns (25/11, 09/12, 12/12, 14/12, 16/12)
Trond Halstein Moe (03/12, 11/12)

Music: Giacomo Puccini
Libretto: Guelfo Civinini og Carlo Zangarini
Conductor: Joseph Colaneri

The Norwegian Opera Chorus

The Norwegian Opera Orchestra

Sung in Italian, Norwegian and English subtitles
Duration: App. 3 hours

At the beginning of the opera I was sure I was going to hate the production. But it was a wonderful Regie concept that worked. And how much better is it not to start being bored to then to be glued to the action rather than the opposite when it starts great and go downhill from there.

This opera, Fanciulla del West, is not everybodys favorite Puccini opera. And it is not mine. But as this production showed it can be wonderful, exciting theater. The first 5 minutes I did not know what to think but then something happened that was unusual for me I enjoyed the whole act 1. I was not waiting for the soprano or tenor to come to stage, I was drawn into the action. Act 2 and 3 was also working as a charm.

I do prefer tradional regie the most but was it most important for me it is: does it work? Tradtional can also fail mostly when directors fail to think about making the people onstage real for the audience.

A standing ovation ended the opera night. Well earned for chorus, orchestra and soloists. Paoletta Marrocu may not be my favorite Minnie but she was believable as Minnie both vocally and theatrically. José Cura gave us one of his finest portrayals as Dick Johnson. Jascon Stearns was a great Jack Rance.

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