2010-03-27 Simon Boccanegra (Verdi), Staatsoper (Berlin)

Simon Boccanegra = Andrzéj Dobber
Maria Boccanegra (Amelia) = Ailyn Perez
Jacopo Fiesco = Ferruccio Furlanetto
Gabriele Adorno = Aquiles Machado
Paolo Albiani = Massimo Cavalletti
Pietro = Alexander Vinogradov
Ein Hauptmann der Bogenschützen = James Homann
Eine Dienerin Amelias = Rachel Frenkel

Daniel Barenboim, conductor

Director - Federico Tiezzi
Set Designer - Maurizio Balò
Costume Designer - Giovanna Buzzi
Light Designer - A. J. Weissbard
Chorus master  - Eberhard Friedrich
Dramaturgy  - Francis Hüsers, Barbara Weigel
Opera about the first Doge of Genoa (Genova). Of course the opera is not completely historical correct. 1900 the opera starts. Daniel Barenboim conducts. A great conductor of opera did he show himself to be. The orchestra shone The Scenography by Maurizio Balo, and the beautiful costumes was by Giovanna Buzzi.

Inszenierung / Federico Tiezzi, Dramaturgie / Francis Hüsers, Barbara Weigel.

Prologue: Paolo (Massimo Cavalletti) and Pietro (Alexander Vinogradov) decides that Simon Boccanegra shall be the new Doge and not Lorenzino. Then Paolo has to convince Boccanegra (Andrej Dobber) to be Doge and accept to let Paolo have a part of the power. Simon only wants his Maria so in order to win Maria as his wife he accepts to be Doge. They leaves as a crowd of men appears. Pietro and Paolo tells the crowd that Lorenzino is paid by Fiesco, the patrician. So they want another, a man of the people, Simon Boccanegra, the corsair. Paolo moves the crowd with a song about the palace of Fiesco where the beautiful and pious Maria is prisoner and where a ghost haunts the house (says Paolo). Fiesco (Ferruccio Furlanetto) appears from the opera. He is mourning Maria who has just died. He curses Boccanegra. Simon Boccanegra appears as Fiesco disappear, all lips will call my name, he sings. Then Boccanegra will be Doge and Maria's husband. Fiesco and Boccanegra meets, Fiesco is proud and fierce, Boccanegra is asking of forgiveness. Simon still believes Maria to be alive and begs of forgiveness. Never is the answer from Fiesco unless you give me the child from their unmarried relationship. But the child was taken care of by an old woman far from Boccanegra. The woman died, the child cried 3 days and then she disappeared. Fiesco is unplacated by the story. He leaves, only to look as Simon Boccanegra tries to find his Maria the house. And he finds her dead, the coffin is leaving the house. Fiesco rejoices only to hear Boccanegra proclaimed as the new doge.

25 years later
Act 1: Amelia GrimaldiAdorno to appear. Achiles Machado is Gabriele Adorno. She is worried because he is involved in plans against the powers in Genoa, the Doge. Amelia fears that the Doge who wants to visit is planning a marriage between her and Paolo. Gabriele must see Adrea (Fiesco in disguise) to arrange marriage so that she would not have to marry Adorno. As Amelia leaves, Fiesco appears and Gabriele Adorno is told that Amelia Grimaldi is not a Grimaldi but a poor orphan that was raised up in Pisa with the nuns there in the cell that was Amelia Grimaldi's cell before. Gabriele still wants to marry Amelia. Andrea/Fiesco blesses Gabriele Adorno. They leave as the Doge appear. "Amelia Grimaldi's" work is done as the Doge Simon Boccanegra gives her the paper of the forgiveness of Amelia's brothers. She tells the Doge the she loves another man and do not want to marry a man who is only after the Grimaldi gold. Boccanegra is so understanding that she confesses not to be a Grimaldi. As she tells her story and Boccanegra asks if the old woman's name was Giovanna and the portrait of her unknown mother is it not the same as he has. Amelia Grimaldi is Maria, Maria Fiesco's daughter with Simon Boccanegra. As she goes, Paolo appears only to hear that he have to give up to marry Amelia Grimaldi. When the Doge leaves, he and Pietro agrees to abduct Amelia Grimaldi to Lorenzino's house.

In the Doge's Palace. The Doge and Senators. Between talks of peace or war with Venice a noise is heard from outside the palace. A fight between large groups of people. Gabriele Adorno is captured. At the sound of cries of death to the Doge. The Doge tells the herald to tell the people that the Doge will open the doors to hear the people. The trumpets, and after the herald, cries that hails the Doge. Then the people arrive. The fractions in Genoa are against each other, no trust. The Doge questions Adorno who has killed Lorenzino for abducting Amelia Grimaldi but before he died Lorenzino told that a powerful man was behind. Adorno hints that it might me the Doge and almost attacks the Doge. Then Amelia appears and on the Doge's request tells who she was captured and how did she get free. She tells it but omits that she knows it is Paolo who is behind it. Since nobody knows who the man is it soon gets violent until the Doge calls it


   Plebe! Patrizi! Popolo
   Dalla feroce storia!
   Erede sol dell'odio
   Dei Spinola e dei D'Oria,
   Mentre v'invita estatico
   Il regno ampio dei mari,
   Voi nei fraterni lari
   Vi lacerate il cuor.
   Piango su voi, sul placido
   Raggio del vostro clivo
   Là dove invan germoglia
   Il ramo dell'ulivo.
   Piango sulla mendace
   Festa dei vostri fior,
   E vo gridando: pace!
   E vo gridando: amor!

Then the acts ends with the Doge Simon Boccanegra making Paolo curse himself.

After act1 it was an interval in which I left to take the train to Zurich.

Andrej Dobber was a great Simon Boccanegra, Ferruccio Furlanetto sang a fierce Fiesco. It was disappointing that Paolo (Massimo Cavalletti) seemed so weak against the great bass of Alexander Vinogradov as Pietro. The young couple was sung by Ailyn Perez and Aquiles Machado. After "Come inquest'ora bruna" I got used to Ailyn Perez' voice and found her to be a wonderful Amelia. Aquiles Machado was also a delight as Gabriele Adorno.

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