2010-03-28 La Boheme (Puccini), Opernhaus Zurich

Rodolfo = José Cura
Mimì = Barbara Frittoli
Marcello = Gabriel Bermudez
Musetta = Christiane Kohl
Schaunard = Cheyne Davidson
Colline = Andreas Hörl
Benoit = Davide Fersini
Alcindoro = Valeriy Murga
Parpignol = Carl Hieger
A customs official = Matthew Leigh
Sergeant = Falvio Matthias

Massimo Zanetti, conductor

Inszenierung - Philippe Sireuil
Bühnenbild - Vincent Lemaire
Kostüme - Jorge Jara
Lichtgestaltung - Hans-Rudolf Kunz
Choreinstudierung - Ernst Raffelsberger

LA BOHEME by Giacomo Puccini. Opernhaus Zurich 1400-1630

It was the better performance. Since it was my second time of this La Boheme nothing came as a surprise. Barbara Frittoli had it all, voice and acting, just like our José. 4 times I have seen them as Otello and Desdemona and now once as La Boheme. Verdi and Puccini singers De Luxe. It not only had the best Mimi but the conductor seemed be better too. Jose Cura sang even better, he sang a superb "Che gelida manina"and of course since now we had Frittoli it was a great singing of "Si. Mi chiamano Mimi" and in ended in a marvellous "O soave fanciulla". Act 2 started before the audience was finished applauding act 1. Even Musetta's aria was better now. After the interval it was act 3 where the only imperfection was that the dress Mimi was wearing was unflattering for the singer. But when Barbara Frittoli started to sing all such ideas was forgotten. It was another superb act with Jose Cura and Barbara Frittoli in great voices and the acting was great. Act 4 was really emotional and for once tears started to roll when this Rodolfo understands that his Mimi was dead. Even hardened opera fans would be brought to tears by this ending. The applause from the audience was by every act and aria more intense especially for Cura and Frittoli.

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