2017-05-17 Maria Stuarda (Donizetti), Teatro Carlo Felice (Genova)

Maria Stuarda = Elena Mosuc
Elisabetta = Silvia Tro Santafe
Roberto, Conte di Leicester = Celso Albelo
Giorgio Talbot = Andrea Concetti
Lord Guglielmo Cecil = Stefano Antonucci
Anna Kennedy = Alessandra Palomba

Andriy Yurkevych, conductor
Orchestra e Coro del Teatro Carlo Felice
Maestro del Coro, Franco Sebastiani

Director  -  Alfonso Antoniozzi
Sets  -  Monica Manganelli
Costumes  -  Gianluca Falaschi
Lighting -  Luciano Novelli

Coproduction with Fondazione Teatro Regio, Parma
A great cast, especially Elena Mosuc, Silvia Tro Santafe and Celso Albelo. The production was good enough, the costumes beautiful for singers. The chorus was dressed in black always, a way to get the cost down but... The sets was moved around as the music starts so the stage hands also got their own applause. This was the premiere. The singers was acting as themselves on stage and then when see through curtain was raised they became their roles. It was a waste to do it like that and it did nothing for the opera. Then it was the costumes. They were beautiful but to see men in dresses made me wonder if that was historically correct. It had to be that. Elena Mosuc was a wonderful Maria Stuarda, Silvia Tro Santafe was a splendid Elisabetta and Celso Albelo was a powerful Leicester.

Naturally Elisabeth in the opera of Donizetti is just a really jealous women instead of a queen which reign is threatened by the Scottish queen Mary Stuart. Leicester is a toddler of a man. He does not understand powerful women, he just wants what he wants. Disaster is assured. Like most Stuarts, Mary Stuart knew how to die splendidly. And we saw that in Elena Mosuc singing the end of Maria Stuarda. Brava, Elena! Brava, Silvia! Bravo, Celso!
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