2004-06-05 Otello (Verdi), Hamburgische Staatsoper

Otello = José Cura
Desdemona = Barbara Frittoli
Jago = Lado Ataneli
Emilia = Yvi Jänicke
Cassio = Peter Galliard
Rodrigo = Ho-yoon Chung
Lodovico = Alexander Tsymbalyuk
Montano = Carl Schultz
Herold = Moritz Gogg

Philippe Auguin, conductor

Inszenierung - August Everding
Bühnenbild / Kostüme - Pierluigi Samaritani

5.6. Shopping in Hamburg, finding out where to go. Following the crowd most of the time. And then it was opera-time. This time was a better Otello performance. From the first note of the orchestra I knew it would be great. The orchestra and chorus was together. I thought that all the singers was better. It was really dramatic and wonderful. None of the former critical remarks of this production bothered me. And audience was totally committed to applauds and Bravos, and the singers seemed forever to go out and great the applauds. And I saw Lado Anteli and Jose Cura afterwards and got some nice photos of them. And then 25(?) JCx-members enjoyed Restaurant Opera until it was 0130.

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