2013-12-08 Tristan und Isolde (Wagner), Wiener Staatsoper

Tristan = Robert Dean Smith
König Marke = Albert Dohmen
Isolde = Violeta Urmana
Brangäne = Elisabeth Kulman
Kurwenal = Matthias Goerne
Melot = Clemens Unterreiner
Ein Hirt = Carlos Osuna
Ein Steuermann = Marcus Pelz
Stimme eines junges Seemanns = Sebastian Kohlhepp

Peter Schneider, conductor

Regie - David McVicar
Ausstattung - Robert Jones
Licht - Paule Constable
Choreographie - Andrew George
"Love" at first note. Loved the orchestra with conductor. Wagner the composer is great. Too many words all the time. But one does get into it. I no longer oppose the idea of Jose Cura as Tristan. But really Wagner heroes vs Verdi heroes, Verdi wins every time. Loved Elisabeth Kulman as Brangäne. Highlight in love duet between Tristan and Isolde = Brangäne singing. Robert Dean Smith is a great singer, once in a long while one hears he is not German but still amazing singer. Violeta Urmana as Isolde, great work, a great singer but she was not able to mesmerize me as she did as La Gioconda in Paris. Albert Dohmen was so great that I wished his part was bigger. Matthias Goerne as Kurwenal was just luxus. Clemens Untermeier as Melot was also very good. Carlos Osuna as the shepherd was also wonderful.

The production with David McVicar as director, scenography by Robert Jones, was great. Sadly it was Isolde's Liebestod that ruined the perfect Tristan. Tristan is the one the who dies of love, and King Marke appearing with Tristan dead that is truly sad. I actually cried. Then Isode's Liebestod, who would have guessed that was the disappointment of the evening. Violeta Urmana was singing her heart out. But instead of dying there, she was going slowly out in her red dress. For the applause Urmana appeared with the black dress and was then more like Isolde then in Liebestod. Bravi, tutti!!
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