2018-12-05 Simon Boccanegra (Verdi), Royal Opera House (London)

Simon Boccanegra = Carlos Álvarez
Maria Boccanegra (Amelia) = Hrachuhi Bassenz
Jacopo Fiesco = Ferruccio Furlanetto
Gabriele Adorno = Francesco Meli
Paolo Albiani = Mark Rucker
Pietro = Simon Shimbambu

Henrik Nánási, conductor
Royal Opera House Chorus and Orchestra

Director - Elijah Moshinsky
Set designer - Michael Yeargan
Costume designer - Peter J. Hall
Lighting designer - John Harrison
Fight director - Philip d'Orléans
A wonderful production with great singers. Ferrucio Furlanetto in a blond wig as Jacopo Fiesco. Carlos Alvarez as Simon Boccanegra. Francesco Meli as Gabriele Adorno. Mark Rucker as Paolo. Great singers with great acting skills. Hrachuhi Bassenz was a bit disappointing in her aria, but was great in duets and ensembles. Simon Shimbambu was Pietro and I am sure he was great. 

A great Night at the Opera.

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